Friday, November 15, 2013

- a letter to my four year old -

My sweet girl....You're 4 years old today!! I can't believe you've grown so fast! This past year has been such a fun and fulfilling year with you. We have seen so much growth out of you this year! This past year has been a big one for you, full of exciting changes. You started preschool this year, and you have handled it like a champ! You absolutely love learning, and it's so fun to watch you grow and develop both educationally and socially because of preschool. It was hard for me to admit that you were growing up and were ready for this change, but you've been loving every minute of it.

You truly are the light of our lives, my sweet Ellie. You have become quite the comedian this year and you love to make us laugh. And your's gotten even sweeter as you've grown older. So pure and innocent.

So many people constantly tell us how amazing you beautiful you sweet and mature you are. You are all of those things and so much more!

You love to tell people you and I are best friends, and that absolutely melts my heart! Still such a momma's girl especially when you're hurt, or sick, or sad. Even as you grow older, you still need me so much, and I cherish every moment we spend together, cuddling, or playing the silly games you like to make up. But boy, do you love your special "daddy dates" too...especially your weekend "breakfast and park" mornings! You always come home with the biggest smile on your face!

You have such good manners, and your memory astounds us! And you are just like a little sponge right now...taking in everything around you. Your vocabulary is off the charts, as it's always been, and you are writing and reading now! You really are such a smart little girl! And you have quite the imagination these days!

But most of all, my Ellie, you are such a sweet and loving girl. You are so sensitive and compassionate and I hope that only grows more and more as you get older. You are an amazing little human being and you light up our lives, more than I think you even know!

Happy Birthday my sweets. Happy 4th Birthday!

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