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...questions that I have been asked by some of my sweet and lovely readers...

Q- Kyna is an unusual name. How do you pronounce it? 

It's pronounced {Kee - na}. It's Irish Gaelic. And no, I am not Irish...not a drop of Irish in me...but my parents liked the name, and so it was decided...Kyna it is! 

Q- Is your daughter's full name Ellie, or is it short for something? And what is her middle name?

We get that question all the time! :-) It's not short for anything. Just Ellie. That's her full name. Her middle name is Reese. Ellie Reese.
Q- I noticed you have a lot of recipes on your blog. Have you always loved to cook? How do you manage cooking with a toddler and a full time job?

To be totally honest, I don't love to cook at all! I don't absolutely hate it, but to me, it's just another chore that needs to get done. I barely manage to fit the cooking in between work, and Ellie's nightly schedule, but I always find a way because we just don't have the funds to eat out every night...and let's be honest, it's also not that healthy to be eating out or getting take out every night! That is why all of the recipes I use have to be quick and super, super easy. The result, a pretty tasty, healthy meal. Never super gourmet...just an average dinner!

Q- Where do you buy all of Ellie's cute clothes?

Various stores...the usual Target, Gap, Old Navy, but I try to mix it up as well! I find a bunch of stuff online. Zulily and Mini Social are great websites to find discounted baby and toddler clothes. I also love Zara, H&M, Naartjie, and Next Direct.

Q- What do you and your husband do for a living?

My hubby is in the mortgage industry, and I am the Operations Director for an educational company that does enrichment programs at elementary schools nationwide.

Q- Do you enjoy working or would you rather be a SAHM?

I really like my job. I work for a great company and I don't hate going to is kind of nice to have it as an outlet. But yes, I would love to be able to stay at home with Ellie. However, we live in a pretty expensive part of the country, and we have no intentions of leaving anytime soon. That means we need the dual incomes to be able to afford the high cost of living.

Q- Do you guys want more kids? If so, when?

Ah yes...I wrote an entire post to answer this one. You can read my answer to this question here and here .

Q- Did you breastfeed Ellie? If so, for how long?

Yes, I was very lucky. Breastfeeding came very easy to us. It was such a wonderful thing...a bond that only the two of us shared. Ellie had a lot of trouble with reflux, and she also had a dairy and soy intolerance.  I was determined to continue breastfeeding, even with these issues, so I went on a total elimination diet for almost 8 months so that she would be able to tolerate my milk. It was not fun, and I really missed "normal" food, but it was totally worth it! I breastfed until she was 13 months old when she self weaned. I have tons of information about breastfeeding babies with diet intolerances as well as breastfeeding babies with reflux, and I am more than happy to share any information I learned with other moms!

Q-What is your favorite place you have traveled to?

Wow, that's a tough one...Matt and I have loved every place we have gone to! I would say, if I had to choose, my top three places I have traveled to would have to be Italy (the food, the was heaven!), Ireland (the people in Ireland are some of the nicest people we have ever met), and Tahiti (over the water bungalow, crystal clear water, pure just doesn't get any better!).

Q- Do you plan to continue traveling now that you guys have Ellie?

Yes, yes, yes! My parents traveled all over the place with me and my sister and I always swore we would do the same when we had kids. The only thing that has been holding us back is the high cost of traveling! There are so many places we are dying to take Ellie, but we just don't have the funds to do it right now.

Q- What kind of camera do you shoot with?

I have a Canon 6d. Which I just got recently...I love it! I have a 50mm 1.4 USM lens, a 85mm 1.4 USM lens, and my newest addition, a 50mm's my first (and probably only) L lens, and I love, love, love it! It's heavy, but it's stays on my camera 90% of the time!

Q- Have you taken any photography classes or are you self taught?

Nope, no classes. I am fumbling through learning photography on my own! I have read many tutorials online, a few books, and have had some help from some other photographers that I have met (thank you to all of you who have given me hints and tips!). I have a long way to go, and I may end up eventually taking some workshops or classes. As much as I love photography, it is definitely still just a hobby for me. I am not looking to start my own business anytime soon, so I am taking my time and learning things slowly but surely!

Q- What kind of music is on your iPod?

Everything...literally everything. I love almost every type of music! I'm partial to country though!

Q- Who designed your blog?

The wonderful, fabulous Tori Baldridge, designed my blog. She's amazing, talented, professional, and fast! I would highly recommend her to anyone! She was so patient with me and did great work! You can find Tori at  Eye Candy.

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