meet the family

 - The Hubby -

My husband, Matt, is the love of my life. He is the most caring, generous man. He does anything he can to make me happy and he is such a driven and determined person. Falling in love with him has changed who I am in the most amazing and positive way. I have truly become a better person because of him.

Matt and I went to high school together, but no, we weren't high school sweethearts. We had mutual friends, and ran with the same crowds, but we never dated in high school. After we graduated high school, we went our separate ways to colleges in different states. Five years later, we randomly ran back into each other, and we reconnected. One thing led to another, and our life as a couple began. Over the last ten years, we have genuinely enjoyed our life together! We have traveled all over the world and and have made many life long memories and friends. The day I married him, in June of 2003, was one of the happiest days of my life! We've had our challenges and struggles as a couple, and we definitely don't always see eye to eye. But every year that goes by we grow stronger and stronger together. There is not a single year in our time together that I would ever regret and I can not wait for many more happy years with him. 

Matt makes me a truly happy girl!

- The Little Girl -

Oh, little Ellie...her face just lights up my life! She is my sunshine, my beautiful moon, my happiness, and the constant light in my life. Ellie has brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined. She has such character and personality. She is very strong willed, just like her daddy, but she has the sweetest heart. She loves to laugh, and make us laugh. She is so silly and loves goofing around. She has always been shy and timid, even as a baby, but when she is around people she is comfortable with, her personality just shines!

I have always been a tomboy, especially when I was young. When I found out we were having a girl, I secretly hoped she would be a mini me, a tomboy. But this little one is as girly as they come! She hates getting dirty, loves any kind of stuffed animal or doll, and loves, loves, loves to dance.

She makes me smile like no one else can!

She is my perfect little angel!

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