Monday, June 10, 2013

- oh, hello there -

Oh, hello there...does anyone still remember me? My name is Kyna, and I used to be a blogger. But then, something happened. I fell off the wagon...I can't even tell you what I am doing instead of blogging. I wish I could say I've been running ten miles every night instead...or that I've been getting into bed by 9:00 every night to make up for all the sleep that I've been missing out on when my sweet, innocent child wakes up 3 times between 1:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. (yes...we're STILL dealing with that). Or that I have been so busy taking amazing pictures and editing away and I just don't have time to blog anymore. But....unfortunately, none of those things are true. I'm still a night owl...still staying up till 11:30 p.m...but not getting a good workout in...not getting more sleep...and certainly not spending time with my camera or my editing software. I can't tell you what I've been doing instead...except spending some time with Matt, and just vegging...doing nothing after putting Ellie to bed. And it's been wonderful!!! I needed the break!

Summer is just about here...and my friends...summer is by far my absolute favorite season! There is nothing better than summer around here. Picnics, beach days, homemade sangria (compliments of my wonderful hubby), long evenings playing outside in the warm sunshine. Summer is the season that we make plans literally every single weekend...because we just can't have a down day where we just run errands, or a have a quiet night at home...there's too much warm weather and beautiful days to enjoy! I won't let any single day go to waste during the summer!

I'll be back...I promise! I'll be back to document the magic of summer...we have so many adventures planned already...weekends away already planned....travels and vacations that we will soak up every minute of. Weekend plans with our friends....running through the sprinklers...riding our bikes (note to bikes for this summer! I plan to live on our bikes this summer!).

Here's to some amazing magic this summer!!!

(Image credit Nina S.)

(Image credit Nina S.)
(Image credit Nina S.)


Leah said...

well hello there! still remember you. i've been thinking about slowing down as well, you're right summer is a season to take it all in and make plans! gladly i'll be stalking you on IG! haha.

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

I'm here! I'm always here for ya, hon! :) Sounds like the perfect kind of summer!! (but I do wish I could see more of your beautiful pictures ;) And that Ellie girl...oh my, so so so adorable! Love you!! xo

Shannon said...
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