Saturday, April 30, 2011

- i like that my girl reads books in the car -

So, I am not a big fan of the DVD players installed in the newer SUVs/MiniVans these days. I personally know a lot of people that that have DVD players in their car... but I have never been a fan. I remember when I was pregnant,  I saw a lot of parents just driving around town to the grocery store, to the park, etc with the DVD player on. I thought to myself, seriously, you can't even drive to the store without the DVD player on? From that point on, I swore I would not get a DVD player in my car.

Now that we actually have a child, do I still believe in that statement? Yes, 100%! But do I fault the parents that have one in their car and use it?? NO!  Now that I am a parent, I have totally different reasons why. Before, I thought it was wrong that parents turned on the DVD player in their car for even short trips around town. Now that I have a toddler, I understand why parents do it. The TV mesmerizes Ellie. She's quiet and well behaved when the TV is on. And it would make many car trips and errands much easier and more peaceful!  But I still absolutely refuse to get a car that has one installed...simply because I know if it was installed in the car then Ellie would get hooked. Cause I know my daughter, and it would happen....I don't want to have to turn the DVD player on every time we get into the car, or every time we take a trip longer than 5 minutes. Right now, when we get into the car, Ellie usually, happily picks up a book, and babbles to herself in the back seat as I am cruising around town. Seriously how can you complain about that? The kid loves her books!

However, in July, we are taking a 3+ hour road trip...I'm not gonna lie, I'm nervous about it. And I'm also not gonna lie...after that whole rant about DVD players, I might have bought one of these...(of course, buying the dual screen in preparation for our second child). But all the while, knowing it will never be used for anything longer than a long road trip. Cause, I kind of like that Ellie can pick up a book and keep herself occupied in the car...and I want to make that a habit!!

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I am so with you on the whole DVD thing! We had one for long trips (flew on a mission trip to Indonesia for 30 hours with a 2 yr old! :)) and that is all it was used for and it was great for road trips over a few hours and plane trips, but otherwise why not chat and enjoy each other?
Kristy from a crafty, healthy mom blog

Colleen @ Mommy Panda said...

I got a portable DVD player for the car when The Munchkin and I drove from NY to FL. I also bought a mount that goes in between the head rests. If you did that, then both kids could see it since it would be in the middle.

I only used it in extreme situations though, since it blocked my view. I had to put it between the back headrests because The Munchkin is still rear facing. But it worked like a charm!

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