Monday, April 25, 2011

- what a wonderful easter weekend -

We had a great Easter weekend! Filled with family, friends, and remembering what everything is really all about! Sunday we had an Easter egg hunt in our backyard. It was fun to watch Ellie "sort of" understand things this time around.
Finding the eggs!

  It was so cute to watch her get excited each time she found one.

Ellie's best friend, B (and his awesome parents) came to hunt for Easter eggs too! These two are absolutely adorable together! I think they kissed at least 3 times!
Ellie's Bestie!

She found the cookie platter..the cookies were huge! Luckily for me, after one bite, she put it down and went for the fruit!

Matt and I have realized how absolutely amazing life is with a toddler. Sure, it can be challenging and tiring at times, but the rewards are so worth it! Watching her grow and learn is absolutely the best!  You can't replace these moments...


And I don't ever want to take them for granted...this little girl is my happiness...She is perfect and I love her.


Ashley Dunaway said...

I love your new little blog. Wish we were closer so that we could get you took take our pictures :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful post!
gorgeous little girl!
*following you back.
Look forward to reading more on your blog =)

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