Tuesday, May 17, 2011

- when in doubt, she dances -

Ellie loves, loves, loves to dance. She asks us to play music all the time so we can dance together. It's absolutely adorable. She will dance to any music! Anything at all! Our YMCA has dance classes that I was considering putting her in...just not sure how much she will get out of it this young...

Her favorite thing is to dance with Daddy. It's so sweet to watch them dancing around our living room together!

Sweet picture of my two loves, even if I didn't nail the focus...darn prime lenses have such a learning curve!

Most of the time, I try my best satisfy her dancing urge and rock out in the living room with her...but most times she just looks at me and asks for "Dadda"...sigh...I guess mommies can't be the best at everything huh? Dancing in our house falls in the daddy department!

 I'm trying to convince her we are having fun, even though she only wanted to dance with Daddy!

Here is our little dancer in action -

Dancing makes her happy...and that makes me happy! :-)


Frugal on the Cheap said...

what a cutie!

Following you back from the blog hop! Thanks for visiting frugalonthecheap.com!

TanyasTreasureTrove said...

Hi! Following you from FNF blog hop!
Hope you visit me and return the follow!:0)

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