Tuesday, November 13, 2012

- the third birthday party -

So this year, I promised my darling hubby I would keep Ellie's party small. We scaled down the guest list quite a bit compared to her first two parties, and it turned out it was a good thing we did. The forecast said rain all day, and while it didn't actually rain, it was very chilly, and most of the guests ended up inside our house instead of in our backyard. I can only imagine how chaotic it would have been if our guest list was doubled!

I also didn't hire my dear friend/photographer, Nina, to come take pictures during the party like I have done the past two years...I figured with a small party, I could handle the pictures myself. Big fail! I think I only got a total of four or five pictures with Ellie actually in them! Lesson learned...hire Nina for every party from here on out!

The extent of my craftiness this year pretty much was just a few decorations on the dessert table and few more things hanging around the backyard. Like I said, we kept it small this year, and that included the decorations! And of course, like every year, my wonderful and amazing mom helped me pull off all of the decorating. There's no way I could ever do all this crafting myself!

Cupcakes, cake pops, and an ice cream sundae bar...yummmm!

Love, love, love my girl!

This might be my favorite picture of the entire night...all the kids! The three older siblings holding their baby sisters/brother are hilarious! Please note that Ellie has ZERO friends her age that are girls...all of her friends are boys! And yes, most of the people we know with kids her age already have baby #2....(the little boy in the blue t-shirt is the only other only-child we know). But, hey, we are okay with that! We are doing this "adding to the family" thing at our own pace...(but that's another blog post for another time :-)


Katie said...

It looks like the perfect day! I love that you kept it simple, but beautiful. Kids parties get cray-cray these days!

You have such a lovely family, and that last picture is hilarious! Hope all the mamas and papas get a copy of that one. :)

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

What a fantastic party! I love how simply girly the decorations were! (And that icecream sundae bar is such a great idea!)
Happiest birthday to Ellie girl! Give her an extra squeeze from us!
(Oh, and most of our friends have their second child already too, or have their second on the way. I fully agree with adding to the family at your own pace!!)
PS. You look beautiful, as always, hon! Love that picture of you and Ellie together, love you both!! xo

Christine said...

So cute! love the pics of the three of you--such a beautiful family! and how cute are you?! ellie is so adorable lined up with all her little boy friends, haha such a cutie! and I hear ya on the feeling of being behind everyone else on second kids... but yes, we are adding at our own pace too :). so glad ellie got to have such a special day celebrating her 3rd birthday!!

Natalie Seider said...

Very pretty party. I won't lie I like that you only have Ellie. It seems that every blog I read or person I know is having number 2 to close to number 1 in my opinion. You let me know that I'm not alone with just one. {I don't know how I would handle a newborn AND a toddler}

Shannon said...

Super sweet. After throwing a HUGE first bday party for Taylor, I'm on team "small parties" from here on out.

And I like your belt...a lot.

Carlie said...

Those are cute kids! Looks like a fun birthday party!

Erin said...

Oh my gosh, she is beautiful! YOU are beautiful! What a great little party {with some awesome crafting}. And I just adore that photo with all the kiddos. Ellie looks SO happy :)

Tani stevenson said...

Ellie's party looks adorable! You did a great job. I made the mistake of taking pictures myself for Brielle's birthday party as well- that just doesn't quite work the way you think it will!

Melanie said...

Can you say perfect.... LOVE IT ALL mama! OMGosh, how I can relate with trying to capture all the photos & doing everything else as well. I love the family pic of you guys, & the last shot is just super cute! Looks like Ellie had the sweetest party. Hahaaa... I knew you couldn't resist mama! haha) Hugs... AND how great does it feel to actually visit bloggyville to leave my bbf (back button focus) lol) a comment?! SO good. You know you missed my A-mazing wise words friend. Hehee Smiles.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

absolutely perfect...and the picture of all the kids is too adorable....what fun! And Ellie is too adorable!

Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts said...

Go ahead call me a bad friend.

But that picture of you & Ellie, I feel like I look like you there. WOO go me!!

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