Thursday, March 14, 2013

- eh -

Eh...that's how I've been doing lately...just, eh. Nothing in particular wrong...but just bogged down from work, stress, know, the same things everyone else is bogged down with. Luckily spring is here, and the weather is getting warmer! Everyone knows by now, that summer is hands down my favorite time of the year. And these warmer temperatures and sunny days we've been having is getting me anxious for the summer fun to begin!

Eh...that's how Ellie's sleep has been...yup, it's starting to slide right back down to plain 'ol crappy. We still get a few awesome nights, but we mostly get the rough nights again. At least I didn't hold my breath...and I'm definitely not surprised...nor am I devastated. I think I'm really beginning to accept that Ellie might not ever be a stellar sleeper.

Eh...I really have to start working on something...I'm known for worrying, obsessing, and trying to plan out every little detail about the future, instead of enjoying the present. I've done it for as long as I can remember, but now, with Ellie and all the other amazing things I have in my life right now, I really want to try to just enjoy the "now" and stop obsessing and worrying about the future. I constantly find myself looking so far into the future, that today just slips by. And I have too many "todays" to miss out on if I keep doing this. So I am challenging myself...for the next 30 days...I will not obsess about or try to "micro plan" what the future holds for myself , or my family. Instead, I will live for today, and enjoy every single moment with Matt and Ellie. I will be more conscious of today, rather than filling my mind with thoughts of a year from now. Life is too short to live so much in the future. I need to enjoy the "here and now". Because I am so blessed with what I have now, and I need to enjoy every minute of it!

So there you have it...I'm an "eh" sort of way! But I'm not complaining! I have a beautiful family, a job, and a roof over my head! Here's to making this weekend better than just "eh"...and here's to getting some sleep...hopefully...and if, it's not like I've never survived off of 4 hours of sleep before! Been there, done that...and I can certainly do it again!


Michelle said...

Two of my very favorite quotes (that I try to live by every day...or every other day!) ~
"Be Happy In This Moment, This Moment Is Your Life."
"Worrying Doesn't Empty Tomorrow Of It's Problems, It Empties Today Of It's Strength."

And as someone who's been on the sleep roller coaster and survived, let me just tell you that one day you WILL sleep again! :)

Michelle said...

(of course I used the wrong form of "its", but you get the idea!)

Carlie said...

I do the same thing with worrying and planning out the future. That is a good goal to live in the present! Seems like it would be easier than it is sometimes though! :)

Sally said...

Good luck with the sleeping....I hope good nights return soon!!

I also have been worrying and dreading things lately.....and it's so frustrating to wait and worry....I'm trying not hard!!

Kira said...

Nice weather usually helps to turn my "eh" around too :)

Katie said...

Love you friend -- and I hope that your weekend is better than just "eh"!

Cropped Stories said...

I know that sometimes it just feels good to vent! Hope this post helped you out! You sound a lot like me! I tend to worry too much at times (especially when Livi was born). I have to remind myself every day not to worry about things that have not and may not even happen! It's difficult at times, but I do it. You can too! You are still going to have these "eh" days, but that's okay too. You have to remember that you'll have great days also :o)

Christine said...

sorry things have been 'eh' lately. I've been there too :(. Love your perspective though about enjoying today, the here and now, because it does slip by all too fast! Hope things start looking up for you soon friend!

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