Friday, March 29, 2013

- I'm thankful -

Today I'm thankful for...

- a three year old that had an extremely rough week but is finally starting to "sort of" act like herself...after a horrible bout of the stomach flu...i.e, vomiting for 12 hours straight :-(

- my amazing mother who was right there by my side while I sat with my daughter on my lap for over 14 hours...because she only wanted me. My mom helped me out so much...bringing me food, bringing more towels....washing the "soiled" towels...I couldn't have survived those 2 days without her!

- a completely selfless friend who texted me every hour to check in with me, and who offered to help me out in any way she could, including running to the store to get us much needed pedialyte and broth....even though BOTH of her kids were sick with ear infections and she'd have to drag crabby kids through the store and then over to our house.

- the fact that we get a day of wine tasting tomorrow...because heck... I need a day of wine after this week

- a job that is very flexible when my kid comes down with the stomach flu...I may work for a smallish company, and I may not get paid as much as I could earn if I worked more corporate...but I have the most amazing flexibility at this company that I just can't give up. If I HAVE to work, it has to be at a place that understands that I WILL stay home for 2+ days straight because my kiddo is sick.

- for my awesome hubby, who let me kick him out of our room, and slept on the blow up guest bed, so that my sick baby and I could get some rest (because let's face it...he's a pretty restless sleeper, and we needed a quiet room! I still love you babe...restless sleeping and all!!!)

- I'm gonna be honest here...I am so thankful right now that we don't have two kids so we didn't have to deal with both kids being sick. I don't know how some of you amazing momma's with multiple kids out there do it, when they just pass the sickness back and forth!

- that Matt and I somehow didn't catch the bug!!

This was the first night of the stomach flu...her, finally sleeping on the mattress in our room, after all of the pretty white blankets were stripped, and it was transformed into the "sick bed". Please note the towels everywhere...but most importantly...she slept! Because after 12 hours of what she went through, what else could she do? I, on the other hand, did not sleep...I had one eye on her all night. And that was after being up at 5:00 in the morning that day with the first bout of "the bug"...(and please excuse the crappy iPhoto pics!)

**disclaimer...I know that we've been very lucky this season, and have avoided most of the bad viruses. I know that we should be counting a million lucky stars that this is the first time Ellie's been sick this entire season...because I know what some of you mom's have been dealing with month after month! But no mom likes to see her baby this week was a rough one for me. But I am thankful it is over...and it could have been a lot worse!!


Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

I'm so sorry for your rough week!! Cruz has never been sick like that, and I can't imagine how yucky it was, and how bad you felt for Ellie. Poor thing!! Hurrah for thoughtful moms (your mom sounds AMAZING!!) and thoughtful friends. You have a wonderful support system, and I'm so glad for you! Here's to a wonderful weekend, hon!! xo

Christine said...

Oh no :(. its a miserable feeling having a sick little one and not being able to 'fix it'. so wonderful though to have such wonderful family and friends to support you through the process! enjoy your wine tasting tomorrow, you deserve it!!!

Leah said...

oh my goodness Kyna, that must have been horrible on you all. poor Ellie, i can only imagine. we as mommas just want to see our little ones well, but so good to hear she is doing better!

Miranda said...

that sounds so horrible! hope she is 100% better! wine tasting sounds amazing...i would love to go to one someday!

Cropped Stories said...

OMG, your poor baby! The stomach flu is the worst! You and the hubby are SUPER lucky you didn't get it. Hope she feels better soon!

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh no what a rough week but it sounds like it is on the mend and wine tasting is a great way to get over the rough week! how sweet of your friend to text you and check in on you

Amy said...

girl, no disclaimer needed, poor Ellie! That's so sad when they are sick and we've never dealt with sicknesses till Jan...and now we can't STOP them :) Glad she's feeling better though and I bet that wine tasted extra delicious!

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