Tuesday, February 7, 2012

- a little of this, a little of that -

 Hope everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful Monday (ugh...that's what I think of Mondays). The hubs went away this past weekend... a guys trip. He had a blast, and I'm so glad he was able to get some good 'ol fashioned dude time in, but we sure did miss him and we're glad he's home! Ellie and I spent some quality time with my mom, and got to spend some time with Lisa and her son, too. Definitely a low key weekend for us, while Matt partied like a rock star!

Turns out, I don't really have one particular thing to write about today, so you're gonna get another one of my mish mash posts...here it goes...

- This winter has been unseasonably warm, and I am loving every minute of it!

- Will I ever, ever, ever stop wishing there were more hours in the day? Hmm, now that I have a kiddo, probably not.

- I have an obsession with thinking about baby names...I could do it all day long! Am I pregnant? Nope...haven't even started for baby #2...but I have names all picked out already! I know, I'm crazy like that.

- I seriously hate drama...so much! And I hate that I manage a team of drama queens at work. Seriously, it gets so old. I really struggle between doing what I should do to be a good manager or just telling them to grow up. And what's worse, my team have all worked for me for over 4 years, so I've literally dealt with the same drama for over 4 years...ugh, it's getting old.

- A little public service announcement...tattoos can be addicting...once you get one, you will probably want more. But they are permanent...yup, permanent (well, let's not get technical and talk about laser removal, etc). So be wise while choosing the design and the size...(I may or may not have gotten another tattoo last week...and I may or may not be freaking out now, because it's definitely bigger than I probably should have gotten it...but, we won't talk about that right now. I love the design and I'm sure I will get used the size!)

- Does anyone else struggle as much as I do to really know who you are? Will I ever be completely confident and comfortable with just being me? (I'm sure I'll post more about this soon, as it has been weighing heavy on my mind lately...)

- I am getting super anxious about two major changes coming soon in our household...potty training, and moving Ellie to a toddler bed. Neither are happening right now, but I know they are coming, and just the thought of either of those two things freak me out. She has been using the potty on and off for over 5 months, but she hasn't shown interest in it lately. I know there will come a day when we just need to take the jump and go for it full time, but...ugh, I don't even know where to start. And the toddler bed?? Double ugh. Ellie hasn't tried to ever climb out of her crib, so we are keeping her in there as long as we can. But I know the toddler bed will eventually have to come, and I can't figure out for the life of me how we will ever get her to stay in the bed. Kiddo doesn't love bed time, and I know it will be a fight to keep her in the bed without that wonderful crib. Any suggestions on either of these two topics? Please, help me calm my anxiety!

- My kiddo has at least 4 pairs of Toms in her closet....momma has none! I think this momma needs a new pair of shoes, huh? A pair of Tom's to be specific! Any of these would do...


Courtney B said...

Oh my... little toms are the cutest things EVER! My kids will totally have some! But yes.... its time for you to get a new pair of shoes :)
I wonder the same thing about my confidence. The sad thing is that women SHOULD feel beautiful and confident at all times. We were created to be beautiful, different, nurturing, etc. There is no way the world could function without us. So why do we feel differently? I believe satan and social media are the 2 main reasons, and its just SO sad!!

courtney - larking. said...

I've been thinking about baby names recently, too! Definitely not ready for #2, since #1 is only 8 months old...but something's percolating in there, I guess. :)

Denise said...

I have baby names picked out too and I'm not even thinking about getting pregnant! I think every girl has a problem with confidence! I know I do. Some days are better than others but I just have to remind myself of all the things I love about ME! Hubby helps too :)

Amy said...

oh man, we need some serious help with baby names, lol.

As far as potty training, we are going to start soon and i'm DREADING it!!!!! Oh man.

Toddler transistion for us went well. He loves his bed and we are going to move him to a twin bed (to use his toddler mattress for the crib) and let him pick out sheets so that he has a choice and it's really 'his' bed. We continued our bedtime routine and it really did go well. NOt to say it was SUPER easy but with my kid, nothing is every easy, lol. Hopefully, it goes well for her too! :)We talked up the big boy bed too :)

Candice Moretti said...

Yep, I have all the names of the unborn littles names picked out too. ;) Toms are such a good price point everyone should have a pair so lets go shopping cause I need a pair of the ballet flats! Potty training has crossed my mind...when do I start?

Carlie said...

I want to see your tattoo now!
And I am always writing down names I like. I am also crossing off names sometimes too. When I student taught 2nd grade there was a little girl named Reagan that was so naughty so now I don't like that name! haha

Erin said...

I totally have our second child's name picked out too!! Baby names is the most fun thing to come up with :)

Melanie said...

OMGosh. We are hilarious. I have a list of baby named saved on my ipod. I update it almost daily, either adding or removing a name! I think about it constantly. Hahaaa... funny!

Holy moly I LOVE the heely Toms, I LOVE all of them. I don't have a pair of Toms either. I thik I need a pair!

I'm noticing that almost every woman has troubles w/ self condidence. I look at a beautiful, smart, kind hearted manma like you, & think how could you ever doubt a single thing. Kyna you really are amazing.I just hope one day I will be good enough for myself. Maybe a tattoo & a new pair of Toms will help. Lol JKN.

LOVE you bunches my Oh so stylish BEAUtiful sweet freind! XO

Andrea said...

I will be awaiting a picture of your new tattoo asap! I want a tattoo, but i'm too afraid. I'm such a wimp ;)
Baby names?? Oh my, I hear ya! I CONSTANTLY update my list. I've had a list since I was, oh, about 14 or so? I'm known around here for my love of names, so much so that quite a few of my friends have enlisted my help when it comes to picking names for their little ones! So fun :)
I love TOMS! I have two pair (i actually own the ash classics you have posted... love them!) All four are awesome.. i think you'll need to get more than one pair ;)


Bon Bon said...

OK. Start with the TOMS. Treat yourself:-) Then tackle all those little life things day by day! xoxo

Kaitlyn said...

Drama stinks!!!! Anthony was great with potty training and moving into a new big boy bed.. I hope the same for you! and i need like 50 pairs of toms. Seriously! I don't have any either yet nor does my boy but, well be getting some thing spring/summer!!!


Etosia (e-tasha) said...

First off you NEED a pair of TOMS! Specifically a pair you can wear to work so at least your feet will feel nice while you deal with the drama! I'm still waiting for Ry to grow into hers!
Second, work drama is terrible! My old "office manager" aka a big joke was so full of drama! She would even start stuff with our clients!
Third, I can't wait to hear about your tattoo! I totally regret the one I have but hey what can ya do?!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

i so need to get some TOMS! i have always wanted a tattoo but have yet to get one!

Miranda said...

i am so freaked out about changing my son to the toddler bed (him wandering around the house, never sleeping, waking us up at 2am) but we aren't even close to potty training.

I always struggle about not knowing who i am...i hear that the 30s are better...scared of getting older but hoping for that peace.

tattoos are so addicting...i want another one so bad but i just can't decide what to get! what did you get?

and finally I am constantly thinking about names...and i'm not even close to getting pregnant again :) whew...that's a long comment!

Danielle said...

Your blog is so fun!!! And my hubs and I talk about baby names constantly. Not pregnant (yet). Hopefully HOPEFULLY soon!! Love your blog. New reader!!

Amber said...

thats so funny about baby names because we have already picked out a boy and girl first and middle name already but just like you we havent even started TTC for #2.

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