Wednesday, February 1, 2012

- six healthy choices I try to make on a daily basis -

Don't get me wrong, I am definitely NOT the epitome of health! I should exercise way more than I do (or, maybe I should just exercise period...ha ha), I definitely indulge in glasses of wine, snacks, and sweets, and I don't count calories or check fat content like I should.

However, I do try to make a handful healthy choices on a (mostly) daily basis that are pretty easy for me to stick to:

1. Always choose whole grain carbs - For the past few years, I have only been buying whole grain, wheat bread, pasta, and rice. I actually didn't mind the transition, but I definitely think Matt had a harder time with it. Let's just be honest, most of the time, whole grain carbs do not taste as good and as their "not as healthy" counterparts...the white carbs. But, they are so much better for you!

2.  Buy frozen vegetables - I know, I know, frozen vegetables are not as good for you as fresh ones. But, with our busy lifestyle, cutting and prepping fresh vegetables is just one more thing that I would never get around to. I would often just serve a dinner with no vegetables because the thought of chopping was just one extra step in my dinner prep (I loathe chopping vegetables...I don't know why!) And if dinner plans ever changed, and we didn't get around to eating the fresh veggies, they would end up in the trash after sitting in our fridge for too long. Now, I make sure I always have a stock of frozen veggies on hand. I never have an excuse not to add veggies to the meal since they are already cut and prepped for me! Just taking this little step really helps us get more vegetables in at dinner time. (And frozen is better than nothing!)

3. Drink water...A LOT of it - I drink a lot of water every least 72-80 ounces. It cleans out your body, keeps your skin hydrated, and even can help you lose weight by raising your metabolism and keeping you feeling full so that you don't over eat. I really don't mind the taste of water (does water even have a taste??), so drinking a lot of water every day is not hard for me to do. But if you aren't thrilled about plain water, try squeezing a fresh lemon in it. It makes the water taste much better! Or, try putting cucumber slices, limes, or strawberry slices in it..all pretty darn good in water (they all help liven up the plain 'ol water!)

4. Choose white meat (or very lean red meat) - We are big white meat eaters in our house. Ellie thinks every meat is chicken because she sees so much of it on our plates. While a big juicy steak or burger can taste amazing, most red meats are very high in saturated fats pound for pound when compared to white meat. It's not that red meat is horrible for you, but too much of it can definitely raise your cholesterol levels. I remedy that by cooking mostly white meat in our house....chicken, turkey, and of course, fish. Ground beef is never in my freezer, I always use ground turkey instead. I choose turkey burgers whenever possible, and if we do cook red meat, we choose lean cuts such as top sirloin, or sirloin tips (a good rule of thumb...generally cuts that have the word "loin" in them are the leaner cuts... this applies to both beef and pork).

5. No snacking at night - Matt is a huge snacker...I am not. So this is a pretty easy, healthy choice for me to stick with. After dinner (and sometimes dessert if I'm lucky), I'm usually done eating for the night. I generally don't snack while we are watching our nightly television, or if we watch a movie after Ellie goes to bed. While eating after dinner isn't necessarily bad for you, choosing unhealthy snacks can be. And those are usually the snacks that most people turn to in the evening. If you are still hungry after dinner and you have the will power to choose something healthy, like an apple, or some carrot sticks, go for it! But if you find yourself always grabbing potato chips or cookies, then it would just be better to avoid eating once you are finished with dinner!

6. Cooking at home - This isn't always the most fun thing for me to do. I'm really busy during the week, and cooking is definitely a chore for me. I don't love to cook...I don't hate it, but it's definitely not a passion of mine. But cooking at home is so much healthier than getting take out, or eating out. I make myself cook dinner at home at least four days a week...on a good week, five. (For our pocketbooks, and for our health, it should be six or seven days a week, but this momma needs a break once in awhile!) When you cook at home, you can avoid processed foods. You can also make healthier choices. I don't always cook the healthiest meals, but at least I can switch out ingredients to make them better for us...fat free creams, non fat milk, and again, whole grains. There are plenty of easy recipes you can make if you are pressed for time...check out some of the quick recipes of the week that all of my lovely readers and contributors have helped me compile!

 (and yes, Matt totally comes home after work and kisses me as I slave over a hot stove, and no, I don't wear a dress, apron, and pearls while cooking dinner!)

So those are the baby steps I take every day to be a healthier me. Do I have a long way to go?? YES! But at least I am aware, and isn't that half the battle?? :-)


Vanessa said...

Hi, Kyna

Great post and so true about eating at home is so much healthier. I cook 5 days a week and two of those days are left overs. Its not fun cooking all the time, but its so much healthier and cheaper too. I will for sure try out some of those recipes too. Thanks again. Have a great week.

Carlie said...

Those are such great things to do! I have a hard time having a desire to cook anything when I get home from work unless it is easy! haha. And I am a big fan of frozen veggies too!

Miranda said...

these are great tips...i don't mind all things whole wheat except its hard with the just has a very different taste to me. but i don't mind drinking water, we never have cookies/chips as home (unless we had made some kind of dip for a party) and i have recently been obsessed with all things turkey...burgers and i use ground turkey for chili and's actually really good!

Melanie said...

Such great tips mama! I have to admit I am a bit of a snacker. I am going to work on not munchin after dinner! We actually get the best leanest ground beef/hamburger/steaks/roasts from my dad's cattle ranch. It's like no other, & I feel so good knowing where it came from! I've also started making one of my meals a salad each day. Baby steps my friend!

Kaitlyn said...

I love this. I should really try doing these as well. I think it would help me out alot. Esp, the snacking at night. Hubby and tend to snack a lot. Big no no! thank you for sharing this!

Andrea said...

First of all, Kyna YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you so much for featuring me on your sidebar, you have no idea how much that means to me! You are the sweetest!

Second, i loved this post. I've been TRYING (key word, trying, not necessarily succeeding!) to make healthier choices. It's so hard but gets so much easier when you make it a lifestyle and stick with it. Thanks for the inspiration today! (Now I'm off to drink more water...:)


Recently Roached said...

This is a great post. I'm totally with ya on the frozen veggies. It's just so much easier.

I try to drink a lot of water, but I have to pee all the gosh darn time. I hate that. I feel like my bladder is holding my prisoner!

courtney - larking. said...

#1 and #2 -- totally with you! I struggle with drinking enough water though...

Just found your blog and your daughter is soooo cute. Love your photos! :)

Lacee Griffith Mommas Like Me Blog said...

Such great tips Kyna! Thank you for joining the blog hop...I appreciate your support so much :)

Aneta Kudasik said...

Great tips! I would love to follow these daily! I am so bad with sweets!

Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

good tips! I need to stop eating out! baby steps!

ginanorma said...

Those are really great and I would have to agree with most of them, thanks for sharing, sweet post!!!

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