Tuesday, October 11, 2011

- crayon mischief -

Nothing beats coming back into the living room (after leaving for less than a minute), to find that your toddler has colored all over your laptop! Yup, all over! All over the screen, the keyboard, every bit of it was covered in crayon (a lovely shade of blue I might add!) I didn't even think about snapping a picture of her artwork to share with all of you, as I was in the middle of having a minor major heart attack...until I started wiping it off and remembered that she had luckily pulled the bag of washable crayons out of her art cabinet to color with instead of the box of non washable crayons. Her artwork wiped away with ease, and all was quickly back to normal in our household (after a stern but calm talk with the little toddler). I know this won't be the last time that I find her "artwork" where it shouldn't be...which is why that box of non washable crayons magically "disappeared" last night and might not ever return.

I mean, who needs non washable crayons anyway?

And who can stay mad at this little one?
(well, it helps that her artwork washed away so easily! I might be singing a different tune if I was typing on a Crayola stained laptop right now!)


Christa said...

hahaha but MOM look how cute she is! :) little stinks

Denise said...

The joys of having a toddler :)

Candice said...

Thank goodness for washable things ;)

Thisisme. said...

I can imagine how you nearly had a heart attack when you say her artwork!! I so wish you had taken a photo though. My little grandson painted my newly renovated kitchen cupboards with a jar of nail polish that he had found last year! I thought he was quiet!! Eeeek! (He was only 2 at the time).

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine her artwork setting a minor heart attack. I would have been the same way but good thing for washable crayons. I will definitely have to pick up some of these for our days ahead.

Short Leg Lucy said...

Awww hahahah we just had a similar problem :[ I was so upset but then I was like - it's not gonna fix anything if i get angry. so we talked it out. Your daughter is adorable - can i sqeeze her!?

Melanie said...

Ahhhaaa! Awww... But how darn cute is this little love bug! AND look she loves Mum! That shirt, & the pink skirt are killing me w/ cuteness! I just got done cleaning "art work" off random places all around the house. Boy, my boy is one sneaky smart little monkey!

Girlfriend, just be glad it wasn't permanent black marker on a brand new leather couch! Yep. Thank goodness Daddy doesn't know about that one!

Cologne & sunscreen took it right off! AMAZING. Righ?!!

Anonymous said...

your daughter is just so adorable! love your cute little blog :)

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