Friday, October 21, 2011

- my name -

My name: Kyna
For anyone who has been's pronounced {Kee - na}. It's Irish Gaelic. And no, I am not Irish...not a drop of Irish in me...but my parents liked the name, and so it was decided...Kyna it is!

I struggled with it as a kid. I was an extremely shy child. So having a unique name didn't exactly help bring me out of my shell. No one could ever spell it right, or pronounce it right. However, for the record, now that I am older, I really like love my name, and I am so glad it's so unique and different...although, I'm not gonna lie...when we named Ellie, I wanted to make sure we chose a name that was easy to pronounce and spell. Because going through elementary school with an un-prounaceable name is just hard!


KERRY said...

It's a beautiful and unique name!

Carlie said...

I was pronouncing your name wrong in my head, so I am glad you shared how to pronounce it. It is beautiful!

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