Tuesday, March 6, 2012

- don't ya want to follow me -

Hey friends...don't ya want to follow me on Instagram? If you aren't following me, this is what you've been missing in the last couple of weeks...

I promise my cooking isn't that bad kiddo!

My love....

My girly girl!

She's has my heart...

Yes, she's THAT cute!

He loves her SO much!

Playground time!

Self portrait

Hubby had to get in on the Elmo & Cookie Monster action!

Bed head!!

Running fail...Thank you neighborhood dog for scaring the crap out of me causing me to "not so gracefully" eat it!

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Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Kyna.. first off, you are stinkin GORGEOUS!!!!! And I loved every single picture.. that first one of Ellie? Oh my goodness how cute is that? And the one of her with all the jewellery is awesome.. makes her look so girly! So so so so cute! That bandaid pic though...yikes! Looks painful!
(See, now here's another reason i need that iPhone.. i gotta keep up with my girl! :) xoxo

Carlie said...

I love Instagram! I hope you're feeling better from your running fall yesterday!

Melanie said...

OMGosh... why the heck am I not following my super model bff on Instagram?! I think I', the last person on earth who doesn't do this regularly, but now I must start!

Ok this needs it's own paragraph. Mama your selfies are STUNNING. You are STUNNUING. You're just the whole package mama. Seriously, I now have girl crush on you & Jenifer Aniston! Lol... I just mean I ADORE you, & gosh your PRETTY! Hahaaa... I'm one of those mean kids, when I saw the last pic I kind of giggles JUST A LITTLE! It was just funny how you worded it, you poor thing!

Kyna, these are fab mama! Going to go follow ya now!

P/S You & Matt are perfect together. Not sure how to explain it, you two just look meant to be. Xoxo

Anonymous said...

I am totally wanting to follow you and your gorgeous family :)

Courtney B said...

I can't even describe how badly I wish I had instagram! Only 10 more months until our upgrade.... haha! Dang it.
But Kyna, you are GORGEOUS! Pretty, pretty girl!
And oh my... your poor knees! I can't believe that dumb dog scared you and made you fall! Ouchie!!

Sarah Stright said...

Wellllllll I'm now following you on google friend connect, does that count? I've just found your blog and think it's really great. I'm having fun reading through your old posts. :)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

all of these images are lovely, except for the last one. that looks painful!!
xo TJ

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