Thursday, March 15, 2012

- things my 2 year old says -

(as she's putting 5 different rings on my pinky finger)
ellie: momma, these rings fit your outfit perfectly!

(as we are trying to get her to eat corn and peas that had pepper and seasoning on it)
ellie: noooo, i just want the clean corn

(when i am trying to get her to do just about anything she doesn't want to do)
ellie: no momma, that's not a great idea

(when referring to my car)
ellie: no momma, it's not a's an SUV! 

(when she is trying to get out of going to bed)
ellie: i wanna make a deal....let's make a deal!

(when I sat her and her friend, Brayden, down at the table to eat lunch)
ellie: so, how was your day?

(as my mom is telling her she has to go home for the evening)
ellie: but you ARE home lola! (she seriously thinks my mom lives with us, and just goes to work every night when we get home work)

(after she is done singing any song)
ellie: do you like that song?

(when she wants to play on my iPad)
ellie: where's my pad? I want my pad! (um, child...I'm pretty sure it's not YOUR iPad...I'm pretty sure it's momma's)

(as my camera is out and I am trying to take my daily picture of her for this blog)
ellie: momma, are you picturing me?

(when she is counting)
ellie: one, two, flee (melts my heart every time I hear her say her version of three)

(all the time)
ellie: when I get older, I can have a bub (we have NO idea what a bub is, but she says this all the time. we have tried to figure it out by asking her what you do with a you eat it? do you wear it? we still can't figure it out!)

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Tori Baldridge said...

Silly girl! LOVE this <3 xoxo

Amber said...

lol she seems like a sweet girl with lots of personality!

Diane Writes said...

Cute and funny ellie, I like her!!

Jes said...

haha so cute!!!
xx jes

Erin said...

Those are the cutest funniest comments ever! I cannot wait to find out what a Bub is lol

Happy Friday sweet friend! Hope y'all have a lovely weekend!

Carlie said...

Ellie is darling! I would love for my kids to live that close to my parents so they think they live with us. What a treat!

Christine said...

hahaha! I love the things toddlers say, they have such a refreshing perspective :). Maybe a 'bub' is a husband??

Courtney B said...

Let's make a deal.. HA HA! Such a smart girl!

Songbook said...

haha what a mature little thing! She sounds like a 2 year old going on 20. I'm really curious about "bub"! haha let me know when you find out what that is!

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

cute cute cute cute cute!!! She's so smart!

oh, and ps. reply to your email coming asap! i've been such a email slacker lately. oops! sorry!
Talk to ya soon, pretty lady!


Shannon Gallegos said...

Oh my gracious how I enjoyed this post! Can't wait for the talking phase to come! Ellie is a smart gal!

Denise said...

What a cutie! My son says some crazy things too :)

Recently Roached said...

This is too cute! I love the iPAd comment :)

Miranda said...

haha kids...always trying to make deals early :) however at that age you can say "you can stay up 2 minutes longer" and it's an awesome thing! also when i was younger when I was being videotaped i would always say "stop picturing me!"

she says such adorable things! :)

Candice said...

Too funny! It's always interesting to hear the things they come up with :)

Nicole {Miss Mommy} said...

Aren't they sooo cute at this age?. I mean, they're cute at every age but isn't it hilarious and cute now that they can talk?. Lilah says these cute little things all the time too and i can't help but giggle.

Danielle said...

So cute!! Aren't you glad you have these all written down?! Loving your blog. newest follower!

Laura said...

Thanks so much sweetie, I just follow back and I am so glad to have a new friend:)!

Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts said...

Too cute :)

ginanorma said...

haha LOVE it, I so miss these days! My 17 year old can still say cutie things like this from time to time and I cherish it!!! It's good you are writing them down so you have them documented to remember some day!!

Kelly-Marie said...

She sounds so comical. The whole ipad thing reminds me of my little sister when my dad said we were going to Miami, she said what 'your-ami' this confusion went on for a while lol .. maybe the whole bub thing means she's going to have a baby when she's older ?? who knows x x

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