Tuesday, June 7, 2011

- she's coming out of her shell -

My little one has always been a shy, timid baby. Nervous around strangers, other kids, animals, and pretty much anything or anyone that she didn't know.

Toddlerhood has done wonders for her! She's coming out of her little shell and getting braver and braver every day!

The animals at the petting zoo used to scare her.
Now she runs around tickling the goats...

Being around other kids used to make her so uneasy she'd get so anxious and would just cry.
Now she has a best friend that she loves playing with...

She used to be so nervous around strangers.
Now, when strangers are around, all it takes is a couple games of peek a boo,  and she will start flashing that cute smile and be ready to play.

My little one is slowly, but surely coming out of her shell.
She's ready to take on the world!


oomph. said...

beautiful pictures! she sure is a sweetheart. my son was the same way. took him a while, but now that it's happened i worry that he's on the fast track to "outta here". they grow up so fast.


Mary said...

Love the pics and that is the best when they come out of the shell :) Yay for both of u.

Avalon Cat Cartoons said...

Nice blog you have here! Found you on the Mom Bloggers Club website and am now following you on GFC. I hope you can follow back also; I'd appreciate that so much ;-) Have a lovely Wednesday!

Cheryl@OntheOldPath said...

Oh my she is a cutie, you are very talented with the camera!! I found your blog through MBC too! You have a lovely blog.


Natalie said...

Your pictures are fabulous! I'm a tad jealous of your skill. I'm still learning how to properly use my camera!

Beauty and the Green said...

She is too cute!, such adorable pictures! The one with the goat is precious. You are truly blessed.
Following from MBC

Ana said...

Beautiful daughter, love the pics. New follower from MBC, please stop by my blog if you have a chance. http://heelsandbabydiapers.blogspot.com/

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