Thursday, June 30, 2011

- photo editing -

I have tons of patience and ambition to learn about photography and my camera, but not as much patience or ambition to learn about the photo editing side of things. I know the basics, and I have the tools (I own both Photoshop AND Lightroom). But for some reason, there is nothing enjoyable to me about sitting down to learn more about this software! And that frustrates me to no end because I am not an accomplished enough photographer to not rely on photo editing software yet. All of my images always seem to need some sort of fixing or editing.

It's not that I hate taking the time to edit my pictures. I just don't know how to fully utilize the editing software, and when I try to replicate what I have learned from other experts it never looks as good. I am very proficient with computers, so it definitely isn't a fear of computers...I just have no desire to take a class or learn more about the software. I'm an instant gratification type of girl...what I really want, is to just click one button to make my pictures all pretty and clean! (and yes, I know all about actions and presets, but even those never seem to just be a "one button" click).

I have found a couple awesome photographers that will also edit pictures for other photographers. It's such a great service...send your pictures to them, and they will send them back all prettied up! It comes with a cost though, and I just can't pay someone to do that to all of my pictures.

Even though I'm not too keen on taking a photo editing class....just doesn't sound like fun to might be necessary someday soon! Until then, I will fumble my way through it.

Any photographers out there have any easy tricks to share with me when it comes to photo editing?? I'd love to learn more!

(My two nemeses...I have to figure out how to conquer them!)


Genevieve said...

I love this post because I totally feel the same way! I have both Photoshop and Lightroom and I have made progress with LR but still feel like I have SO much more to learn. And don't even get me started with Photoshop! I read a lot of the tutorials on the message boards on and it has been very helpful.

I also will google something I want to do like "eye brightening tutorial" and then usually after looking at a few different sites can find great examples of how to do that task, with screen shots all the way through so it is easier to understand. This is definitely tedious though.


Tori Baldridge said...

Just came across this. Where in the world are the photographers who will do that?!

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