Friday, July 1, 2011

- some oldies, but goodies -

I was backing up some of my pictures and videos the other day, and I started taking a trip down memory lane. I know I started this blog when Ellie was already 17 months old, so some of you haven't seen what an adorable baby she was!

And just a few of my favorite pictures from the first year -

(Image copywrited by Nina S.)

(Image copyrighted by Nina S.)

(Image copyrighted by Nina S.)
The dainty little one barely wanted to touch the messy cupcake on her 1st birthday!

 Wow, she looks so big now compared to all of these pictures! My baby girl is growing up way too fast!

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UntrainedHairMom said... precious! They grow so fast dont they, *tear* I have a an almost 8 month old..time just seems to be flying by! Beautiful pictures :)

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