Thursday, July 21, 2011

- on the other side of the world there is tragedy -

I'm not naive...I know we are so blessed to live in this country, and I know what the conditions are like in other parts of the world. I know that there are orphan children hurting and needing all over the world and I know I can't save every orphan out there. But for some reason, this story I read today really hit me hard. It's so easy to live our sheltered lives, and ignore things that are happening in other countries (or even our own country for that matter). It's also just as easy to be so overwhelmed by all of the heartbreaking stories out there, and not to ever know who you should help. It's easy to just turn away, and pretend tragedies are not happening every day, all over the world. I know it's impossible to help help every orphan or every needy child out there. I often use that as my excuse to not take any action at all. But it's really not a valid excuse at all. Even a little bit makes a difference. I donated just a little bit today (which was all I could do at the moment), but even a little bit might make a difference. This story broke my heart.

Meet Teri Lynn. She is an orphan with down syndrome from Eastern Europe. Such a sweet and innocent face.

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Have you heard of what is happening in Eastern Europe with their orphans that have special needs? If not, please watch this video. I'm warning you, it's hard to watch. But without watching it, you won't understand how tragic Teri Lynn's story is. There is no place in society for children with disabilities in Eastern Europe. Basically, Teri Lynn, and hundreds of other mentally and/or physically challenged children are being sent to adult mental institutions by age 5 or 6 if they are not adopted. Some of these children a strapped to their beds or cribs for days and days. Most are kept in cribs all the way to adulthood. Their growth is stunted and their muscles atrophy and waste away. Many of them don't even survive their first year in the institution. But as you can see from the video, it can get even worse if they do survive. It's a life sentence of inhumane abuse and neglect.  Teri Lynn was just transferred into one of those mental institutions recently. Here is the most recent picture of her.

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That picture just breaks my heart! Her head shaved, her face obviously has been hurt, her eyes look possibly heavy and drugged (which is common practice in these institutions). These pictures were taken within one week of each week! Please look at that heartbreaking change!

Having a healthy, happy toddler makes it even harder to hear stories like these. We are SO blessed, and I need to remind myself of that every day. Look at what children in other parts of the world have to endure. A bad day in our life would be an amazing day in their life. I don't ever want to take for granted anything that I have in this life.

There is a well established and trusty-worthy non profit organization that is collecting donations to get Teri Lynn adopted, before she falls into the dark depths of the institution she has just been transferred to.  She's on someone's radar, and they are doing everything they can to rescue her and get her adopted. Adoptions in Eastern Europe are extremely expensive. That means a lot of these children don't get rescued. This organization needs to raise a lot of money for Teri Lynn. Please visit Reece's Rainbow if you are able to donate even a little bit to help rescue this sweet little girl. And also, please consider re-posting this story to your blog. Or share this story on Facebook or Twitter. Or even just let your family and friends know by word of mouth or email that an innocent little girl needs their help.

I know I can't save everyone in this world. But every little bit helps.

And please, don't ever take for granted what you have in your amazing blessed life. I know I won't. Not after hearing this tragic story of this hurting little girl, and watching that heartbreaking video, and then looking into the eyes of my happy, healthy, smiling daughter whose has all of her needs met every day. I AM SO BLESSED!


Life,Twins,DramaQueen said...

Wow! That's is so SAD :(
Thanks for stopping by me, Following you back.

Urban Mommy said...

Oh that is a sad sad story. I totally agree that we cannot take what we have for granted.
Following you back.

Shannon said...

there is an amazing organization called Reeces Rainbow that help families find and save children with DS in EE, China and other countries that institutionalized by the age of 5. Its heart breaking, even more so since my daughter has DS and it kills me that 90% of this world would throw her away as trash. trash. 90% of our world and country are ignorant. And missing out on amazing people

kyna... said...

@Shannon That's exactly the organization that I send people to when they want to help! :-)

Fiona is a beauty, BTW!

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