Friday, July 22, 2011

- happy friday -

We have a busy weekend planned! Saturday we are spending the day with some friends. We will be out all day with a limo, some champagne, and some wine. Let's just say it's a much needed break for both Matt and I! Lisa and my mom so graciously agreed to a little "tag team" babysitting...with Lisa taking the first shift, and my mom taking the second shift, so that we could be gone all day without Ellie (thank you to both of you!).

Sunday we have a wedding to go to for one of my employees from work. Ellie's first wedding! Hopefully she can sit still through the ceremony at least!

I hope everyone has a fun filled weekend! And I leave you with this cute picture to bring a smile to your face on this Friday afternoon!


Nesha said...

That color looks great on her! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Genevieve said...

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned! And we have that same alligator pull toy, so cute. I love that photo of her too!

Patricia said...

So very cute! Hope you have a marvelous weekend. Following you via FNFW blog hop.
Already a follower.
Stop by and visit.

Heather said...

Adorable! Hope you guys ad a great time! We actually just chanced our first wedding with the bean and it was... um... interesting.

Melanie said...

Now she is a keeper! lol.
She has the sweetest lil smile!

Dude. I would have to be pretty brave to take my Jax to a wedding!

Lori said...

That is too darn cute! :)

Shawntae said...

She is the sweetest little thing! Great shot. :)

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