Wednesday, July 20, 2011

- things I am loving around our house right now -

Here is a little peek inside our lovely abode...and a few things I am loving around our house these days...

Doorknobs?? Really? Yes, really! You see, we live in a small, but quaint 1940's craftsman house. Some things have been redone, some have not. I love that there are still some touches from the 1940's around our house. I love the character that it brings to our place.  It does mean that some things around our house are not in the best shape (note the peeling paint around the doorknob in the picture), but I absolutely love that we don't live in a cookie cutter house. I love these glass doorknobs! No, they don't lock, and they are kind of rattly, but they are are so charming. When we eventually move into a bigger house, I can only hope that we can find a house that has as much as character as this one does! I've never wanted to live in the new homes in the suburbs. While those houses are really nice houses,  I absolutely love a house with some older character!

Because we live in a cute, but a somewhat unconventional, 1940's house, we don't have a lot of big, empty walls like a lot of the newer homes have. No long hallway to hang all our family pictures (and God knows we have so many pictures we could hang!) No large family room to hang super big canvases from Ellie's many photo shoots. So, in our bedroom, I created a little shrine for our family photos. Yes, the frames are tiny (5x7 is the biggest that can fit on the shelf), but it makes me so happy to wake up to this wall every morning. I get so excited when I have new pictures to display!

Ellie is still a little too young to make her own drawings and crafts for me. But with some "help", I do have some drawings to hang on the fridge, and some crafts to display. The "help" comes from my mom, or from Matt..whoever is around to help her write "For Mommy"...They melt my heart, and I can not wait until our entire fridge is covered with her art!

A Mother's Day gift from my adorable hubby this year...The message is straight from him, the design is Lisa Leonard. I'm mildly obsessed with all of her stuff right now and I already have a place in my house for at least 2 more of her I just have to buy them!


oomph. said...

i'm with you on charming houses and doorknobs...and cabinet pulls! my sister has an older house with these types of pulls and knobs. i absolutely love it! it's those oomph-worthy details!


Anonymous said...

I totally love that door knob - it's absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing these things.

CJ xx

Christa said...

i need to decorate my house. we have been here almost 3 years now and its so boring!

Babymama said...

All lovely things.
I especially love the gift from your hubby. So sweet.
Thanks so much for stopping by out little blog!


Melanie said...

Kyna, what a BEAUTIFUL name! I just adore you blog. We love a lot of the same things, I think we'd get along great. How crazy cute is your little one! Her eyes are amazing, & I LOVE the sweet mama's day gift your hubby got for ya. Fine art to me is my happy jax masterpieces, on my fridge. YO! Lol. So excited to follow your sweet blog!

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