Friday, July 8, 2011

- our summer bucket list -

buck·et  list
1. A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term "kicked the bucket".

I feel like at the beginning of every summer, Matt and I talk about all of the cool stuff we want to do. And then, summer flies by so fast and before we know it, it is October and we are thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! So this summer, I decided I will write a summer bucket list...and I know, I know, it's already my bucket list is already a little bit late, but here it is!

1. Go on an awesome family vacation
2. Have a "brown bag blind" wine tasting party
3. Have a homemade pizza night
4. Plan a year's worth of date nights (see here)
5. Attend some of the free music festivals and concerts around our city
6. Set up an inflatable pool in our backyard so Ellie can cool off on hot days
7. Make our own popsicles
8. Make homemade sangria
9. Visit the farmer's market
10. Go on a boat or ferry ride
11. Make new friends (but keep the old)
12. Be creative and make something crafty, preferably for Ellie's room
13. Go to the movies to get out of the heat
14. Sleep outside, even if it's in our own backyard
15. Bake cookies for our neighbors
16. Get back into an exercise routine (I was doing so good...and then we had a heat wave...I can't run in this heat!)
17. Go see a live band that we have never seen before
18. Go on a hike with Ellie
19. Enroll Ellie in the dance class that I have been talking about for 2 months now!
20. Have some family beach days


Erica said...

I love this especially the date night part. We are in need of some of those.

Denise McDonough said...

What a cute idea! I hope you get them done :) Sounds like it will be a FUN summer :)

Thanks for stopping by Mommy2Nanny3Doggy1

Genevieve said...

I love the idea about having a summer bucket list, I will have to make one for our family to try and complete in the next 2 months. You have some great ideas on there. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea. Might have to snag this from you:) It seems to work so much better if you actually write it down!

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