Wednesday, June 1, 2011

- photography -

Oh photography, why must you be such an expensive hobby??

After taking a 2 day photography workshop, I realized that in order to really get my colors, sharpness, etc up to that next level, a new lens is called for. I better start saving! This isn't even the top of the line "L" lens!! This is one of Canon's mid range lenses for cropped sensors. Still comes with a hefty price tag! I would LOVE one of their "L" lenses, but I think I would really need a bigger camera body for that...oh, yeah, and a bigger camera body means more $$$...sigh.

Oh, how I lust after you!


Amy said...

What lens are you using for the pictures you have posted on your blog? I have a Nikon D3100 that I know nothing about! I'm just learning to use it.

Mary said...

OMGawsshh we are in the same boat my 50mm broke last week while swinging my ds my fault :( and I want a new one but I need to save at least for 4 mths :p Which one is this one?
Congrats on taking the class I so want to take one too!!! Your lil one is so stinkin sweet! TFS & Stopping by my blog.

Ember said...

I'm still saving for my camera!! Thanks for stopping by Remember Ember! Can't wait to read more here! =)


Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

I have an old L lens that I used with my old film Cannon camera when I had my portrait photography business. 9Then I went to medium format, and didn't use the lens at all for awhile.) Amazingly it works great with my current digital camera. I didn't buy an expensive camera though, and I have my Cadillac lens on a ford camera. Oh well. It is a fixed focal length 135 mm, and on the digital camera it seems to be more telephoto than it was on the film camera. I love photography, but don't have time to really work on it now. So glad to see your beautiful work. Am following from the blog hop and look forward to seeing more. Would love a follow back at Cedar Hill Ranch Blog.

Naomi said...

I am saving up for an awesome camera and am so close. I cannot wait. N x

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