Friday, January 13, 2012

- awesome guest post today -

Hi Lindsay! She was so gracious to guest post for me today. I featured one of her recipes before on my "quick recipe of the week" series, and I loved her so much that I just KNEW I had to have her back!
Take it away Lindsay... 

Hi great expectation friends!
I am Lindsay, the girl behind the blog Lee La La.

I am a Momma.
I am a so called writer.
I am an occasional crafter.
I am a fashion lover.
It’s nice to meet you!

Pre baby, I had a "perception" of what being a Mommy meant.
Lots of down time
Laughter and Smiles
Let's just say, I was MISLEAD.
Now, don't get me wrong,
I wouldn't trade this job for anything in the world.
I'm just keeping it real and sharing what I've learned,
because let's face it,
momma's are modest and don't always share how challenging this job really is.
Myself included.
So this is for all you Mom's...
Mom's to be.
Future Mom's.
Life of a Mom: Imagined vs Reality
Playing dress up in frilly dresses and bows.
20 outfit changes a day and a "simple" onesie will likely be your staple.
Bows? They will get pulled right off.
Daily shopping trips to the MALL.
Shopping days are far and few between. Time is no longer your own. Your child makes your schedule. Miss L refuses to sit in her fancy stroller that I HAD to have. You find yourself bribing your littles with candy. The back arching temper tantrum is bound to happen 10 mins into any shopping experience.
Play dates will be a daily social gathering for the momma's.
Play dates involve broken conversations with a lot of "what was I saying". Playing referee and catching your kids arm mid air as she goes in for attack. At the end of the play date you feel as though you ran a half marathon.
Perfect hair. Perfect outfit. Matching diaper bag and stroller. Baby in tow will be color coordinated as well. I will be THAT Mom that everyone talks about.
Stained Shirts, food in my hair, boogers on my face. If we make it out the door without an outfit change on either part, it's a good day.
I will be ORGANIZED and CLEAN.
Forget organization. Just when you go to put something somewhere it is removed. My purse is full of rocks and pebbles, my car has pb&j stuck in the crevices, my couch smells like sour milk, and theres a beautiful crayon mural on my dining room table.
Nap time involves cleaning house, picking up toys for the 19th time, laundry, preparing dinner,
Lee La La get my drift. With mommy hood comes pure exhaustion. I rely on coffee in these parts.Imagined:
I will cook a gourmet meal every night.
I never knew one stove could make so much smoke. Let's just say I have learned I have no future in culinary education. Pre made meals are my specialty.Imagined:
Thinking to yourself "That screaming toddler is OUT OF CONTROL". "They must have TERRIBLE parents".
You no longer judge other mom's. Kids are unpredictable and tantrums happen to the best of us.

Sara Driscoll Photography

Thanks for hanging with me today.

I love meeting new friends. Stop by my blog and say hello.

Oh, what Lindsay says is so so true! Motherhood is AMAZING but so different than anyone could ever imagine it would be!

Thank you so much Lindsay!


Courtney Baxtron said...

Great post! I so agree with every Imagined/Reality on the list. :) So glad to meet you Lindsay!

Candice said...

Oh, so true! It's not all rainbows and buttreflies like I imagined, but I wouldn't trade it for the world :)

Melanie said...

Can I get an amen...?! HAhaaa. LOVED this post! On my way to say hi to Lindsay...


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