Tuesday, January 17, 2012

- she's seriously fabulous -

Melanie is seriously fabulous! I ♥ this girl! We've already made plans to meet someday so that Ellie and her adorable boy, Jax can finally play together! And so that her and I can have some serious girl time! Cause I really adore this girl! It's as simple as that.

This is...
& this is my,

    I can't tell you how excited I was when my girl Kyna asked me to guest post for her! Then I thought.... holy moly, what to write about? I could write an entire post on how much I ADORE her alone, or I could talk about how I have been bribing my little Jax w/ pop cycles for potty training.
 & then this happened...

Best day as Jaxy's mommy,
     There are those precious moments that we all have w/ are kiddos each day. Either big or small, each one can erase the huge catastrophe  that happened minutes before. Kids are just so smart. They really do absorb everything. When you don't think they're listening, it's probably because they're just that smart! They don't want to do what mama's asking! Lol) Jax has been a little behind (Uggg. Hate using that word.), just a little, on his vocabulary. We were really starting to FREAK OUT. We were assured though in knowing just how genius our little man is. He honestly has been a tad slow (Uggg. Hate that word too!) on some of the milestones. But once he picked each one up, he was a pro by the next day. I think he is just super stubborn like his mama, & everything is on Jax time. He has more than tripled he vocab in the last month alone, but was still not putting words in complete sentences. This Precious PRECIOUS moment happened THIS morning.
We woke up / a little monkey pokes mama in the face....
 "Hieeee mommm. Please gwet... Up...Up. UP!!"
Mama was UP!
That alone was the most words he'd put together!
THEN later this morning.
I was wearing those black leggings, the ones that I need to throw away.
Ya know those comfy pants you only where around the house, & only open the door half way
so that the cute Fed Ex guy won't see your gnarly choice of duds.
 (Never mind my Fed Ex guy isn't cute, but my man is soooo CUTE.
Why do I wear them around him?
Sorry, off subject there. haha!)
Back to my fabulous day as a mama, in my horrid black leggings.
Did, I mention they also have a new little hole on em?
Well they do, a huge one, right on the knee.
We had just gotten done w/ breakfast.
Sticky Jaxy face & hands were all wiped down,
from our yummy french toast.
My little one came & sat on mama's lap.
I was TRYING to now get my original post finished on pop cycles for pee-pee Lol).
He always takes whatever is in his way of sitting on mama's lap,
& pushes it aside.
LOVE that!
He looks down at my holey knee.
Looks back up at me all sweet & concerned.
That one word along w/ the cutest expression I've ever seen.
"Yes, baby...?"
( he thought mommy had a bad owie.)
"Mommm, i kiss? I kiss!"
(insert a sweet N' slobbery kiss)
I got a big smooch & a Jaxy hug!
Best moment as a mom yet!
I know it's not world changing, or truly even a full sentence.
I am raising the most caring, sweet, smart little boy.
(don't get me wrong, Jax has his naughty moments, but this day evened it all out!)
All those days & nights of re-reading his favorite books, flash cards, & practice really did sink in!

He even  makes a day in gnarly holey leggings, 
 the best day yet!
& that is some good lovin there!
I would LOVE for y'all to come over & say hi at  Happy Jax !!

P.S -Thank you so much my sweet friend, Kyna.
I was thinking of  buying our bottle(s) of wine, we will one day share...
Then I  thought~ Haha... nevermind.
 It would never last that long!


Now go show my girl Melanie some love by running over to her blog to say hi!


Candice said...

I love the sweet moments of being a mommy :)

Lish said...

So precious! I always love your stories Mel!:)

Nessa Bixler said...

This is good stuff. What a sweet little man.

hannah singer said...

adorable. hooray for delightful mama moments!

Jen said...

He's such a sweetie, Melanie <3

Melanie said...

Thank you so much, ladies!

Love you my sweet Kyna!

Courtney B said...

Melt my heart! Jax is adorable! And you look SO cute in glasses, Mel!

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