Thursday, August 18, 2011

- my little musican -

Maybe the next Jewel in the making? I hope so...because then she can support her mommy and daddy when she becomes a famous musician! ha ha ha!

There is nothing sweeter than watching her and Daddy play their guitars together. Well, Daddy plays his guitar, and Ellie fumbles a little bit with hers...but she's got plenty of time to learn!


Sean Marie said...

Oh my gosh, so precious! I can't wait to see my husband and daughter bond!

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

She is SO cute. I love the serious expression on her face!

Anonymous said...

I love how focused she is. Maybe we can learn from Ellie that multi-tasking is overrated.

Focus on doing one thing well, and ultimately excellence is achieved.

BTW - Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment. You are doing just fine. But I'll make sure to stop by from time to time, so I can make sure you aren't so tough on yourself.

Have a wonderful rest of the week. Thank you for making my day.

Denise said...

How cuuuuute!! Your blog is my most favorite blog! I just love it and you :)

Mrs pancakes said...

How sweet is she! Yaah for her becoming a musician! She looks like a natural!

Jennifer Vanzant said...

That is so sweet!!:-) I'm sorry it took me so long to get to your blog .. These twins have been working on me lately hah! I love your blog! The GFC button is acting weird again so I'll come back and definitely follow along!:-)

Melanie said...

This chickie mean business mama! So cute that daddy & her play together. Mama needs to jump in and have a family band.

We have one, haven't piked out a name, but our instruments are all Play School, & Fisher Price! lol.

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