Wednesday, September 21, 2011

- the conversation that melted my heart -

This past Sunday we spent the afternoon with some friends who have a little boy, James. He is one year older than Ellie, and Ellie loves going over to his house and playing with all of his "big boy" toys. Her current obsession with Thomas the Train is courtesy of James and all of his train sets! She gets so excited when we go over to their house.

So this past Sunday, after a long afternoon of happily playing at their house, we finally came home and put her to bed. She asked me to stay in her room with her, and although I don't want to get into the habit of having to lay down with her while she falls asleep, I obliged this time because she looked incredibly sad that I was going to leave her all alone in her room for the night. (I know there are tons of parents out there that lay down with their kids at bedtime, and there is nothing wrong with that. I just don't want Ellie to get into the habit of needing us to do that because she is so good at putting herself to sleep without any sort of crutch...oh wait, what did you say? Her pacifier is a crutch? I'm covering my ears and pretending I didn't hear that!)...I digress...back to the story.

She asked me to lay down in her tent which is right next to her crib. So I turned down the light, and crawled halfway into the tent on the floor (because that's as far as I could fit!) I heard her rustling around to get comfortable and then the room got quiet.

All of a sudden, I heard her tiny toddler voice...

Ellie: Momma?

me: Yes honey?

Ellie: I had fun.

me: You had fun baby? (pause while I was trying hard to think about what she was referring to)...You had fun doing what baby?

Ellie: (giggle, giggle), I had fun today. I went to see James, and played with his trains. I love choo choo trains Momma.

me: That's right, you played with James today. I'm so glad you had fun baby. I love you.

Ellie: Momma? You sleeping in my tent and Daddy's sleeping in his bed. (giggle) I love choo choo trains and I had lots of fun today. Nyt nyt Momma.

My heart started melting and my eyes were tearing up as I realized my little one is growing up. She's so cognitive and aware. She's having full conversations with me and acts so grown up at times...she's not a little baby anymore! But oh how I love this growing girl! Just when I think I can't love my kiddo anymore than I already do, a heart melting conversation like that one makes me love her even more.

Needless to say, it was a wonderfully sweet conversation to have with my little love in the darkness of her room. Not more than five minutes later I heard her breathing get heavy and slow and my tired, innocent baby toddler fell fast asleep.

(and for the record, I fell asleep on her floor laying halfway in her tent and had to creep out of her room an hour later when I woke up and realized I was not in my ridiculously comfortable bed!)


JRuud said...

This right here is why I adore children so much and cannot wait to be a teacher!!

I love your blog hun.


Kelly-Marie said...

Aww so cute .. I love toddler conversations, they are just so smart! x x

Melanie said...

My heart! I totally tearded up reading this. What a smart little angel you have there mama. I feel like when our babes start to really have little conversations w/ us, we get to know a whole other part of them!

Jax & Miss Ellie will surely have the best play date someday! I adore my new friend, Kyna! So looking forward to meeting you one day girlfriend!

Courtney K. said...

It's amazing how quickly they just turn the switch and go from baby to toddler. One minute they're in constant need of help and assistance...and the next? They're piecing together full sentences and understanding everything that goes on.

Anonymous said...

that is so sweet! I cant wait to have conversations like that with Morgan.

P! said...

Brains and beauty... that girl's got it all. ;)

Leah said...

Awww, that is just darling and hard to swallow all at the same time. Doesn't it just shock you sometimes the things that they say? I'm constantly struck by how BIG Isaac suddenly is.

Short Leg Lucy said...

ahaha awwwww! That's so precious!

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