Saturday, September 17, 2011

- i'm happy -

Yes, I've had a rough couple of weeks lately. Yes, I've been stressed out. But you know what? Every time I look around, I am amazed at what I have, and it grounds me. I'm healthy, my family is healthy. We have a roof over our heads (and a decently nice one at that). We have jobs. I have a smart, bright, super cute daughter and a husband that tries his hardest to give me everything I want and more. I have some amazing friends, and the best mom ever. The rest of my family are all so loving as well! We all have stresses in our lives, and I know there are thousands of people out there that would trade my stresses for their's in a heartbeat. People with no jobs, health problems, love problems.

I have a life, that at times, can be pretty stressful. But when I look at my daughter, and look at my husband, they remind me of why I sometimes run myself ragged. It's worth it. I really do love my life. I always have the occasional venting sessions or pity parties, but you know what? I'm happy. I'm really, really happy!


Thisisme. said...

Lovely quote at the end of your post today. I'm so glad that you are happy. You are right, you have so many blessings, but sometimes we can still have stress in our lives, but it's good to hold on to the good things that we have.

Short Leg Lucy said...

CUTE post!!!! <3

Courtney B said...

Oh I love this post! Sometimes when life is rough its easy to forget how good life actually is. You put everything into perspective just perfectly!

Kaitlyn said...

I LOVE the little quote! and this post is amazing and inspiring! <3

In our sea of love

Mrs. Pancakes said...

sometimes it's the little things that remind you how precious life is! beautiful quote! Hope everything turns out great soon enough!

KERRY said...

Wow this is beautiful and awesome and is such a positive post! I love your blog, and I've only been reading it for the past 5 mins :)
I'm following along after stumbling upon it (now I can't even remember how lol)and I look forward to getting to know you.
Have a wonderful week!

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