Friday, September 16, 2011

- a lollipop -

My little one had her first lollipop over the weekend! 

This was a big step for me! I try not to give her too much sugar, especially candy. I firmly believe that it is up to the parents to teach their kids healthy eating habits, and this starts even at this young age. I'm not going to say that Matt and I are the absolute best eaters, but we definitely try to make a conscious effort (well, I do...and Matt just gets stuck eating whatever I cook!) I know how horrible processed foods and sugar are for your body. So I really try not to feed Ellie a lot of that stuff. When we are at home, she very rarely gets processed, boxed dinners or other microwave meals. Even the chicken and fish nuggets that she loves so much are 100% chicken or fish, with no processing or additives (more expensive?...yes...better for her?...yes!).

And when it comes to sugar, she already gets so much of it in the ridiculous blueberry flavored milk that she insists on drinking 3 times a day (and I only cave and give it to her because it is almost the only calcium she will take all day). So we also try to avoid giving her a lot more sugar in our house as well. Now, I do not want to end up being that mean mom that doesn't allow her to eat anything fun as she grows older, but I also think that, right now, she is too young to even know about all of those sugary treats and snacks out there. So there is really no reason to go out buy tons of that stuff for her when she will just as readily eat a piece of fruit, or a "not as tasty", but much healthier, sugar free cookie (which she absolutely loves, btw, so don't feel too bad for her!) And she does get plenty of treats, we don't deprive her...I just don't make it a point to keep our pantry stocked with cookies, and chocolate, and other sugary, packaged snacks.

However, this past Sunday, we went over to a friend's house and all the kids were eating lollipops. So, I unwrapped one for her and let her go for it. She liked it...but didn't love it (thank God!). She had more fun rubbing the sticky, messy lollipop all over her face, and my legs!

Her nose and the rest of her face was a big sticky mess after this!

Oh Ellie, you melt my heart!

Thanks for all of your patience with my lack of posts lately. I am slowly, but surely decompressing and destressing, and I will be back in the blogging saddle soon!


Thisisme. said...

Ellie really is so lovely. Just look at those beautiful eyes. You are so doing the right thing by not letting her have too much sugar or processed foods! I never think of buying sweets for my grandchildren. They've never really had them, so don't look for them, although they do like a little bit of chocolate every now and then as a real treat!

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

My mom is an RN & a very healthy eater. Growing up we never had sugary cereal, koolaid, soda, or any packaged snacks in the house and too this day I still prefer the healthier cereals & fruit over most snacks. Jake however grew up on Pizza, tater-tots, & soda and it is so hard to get him to eat healthy. I believe it is so imperative to start healthy habits young!

Short Leg Lucy said...

we're a mainly vegan household over here and this summer while visiting the US - I decided to let her eat some chocolate hershey kisses...I quickly came to realize that Maia is not a fan of sweet things. She prefers salty or spicy. And we tried the lollipop thing - licked it twice and it ended up in the garbage. haha. so i guess that when you expose them less they're more unlikely to even want it.

Christa said...

amen to this post! my parents/dad let me eat mashed potatoes and ketchup, miracle whip sandwhiches, just disguesting fatty stuff and i didnt know any better until i started getting made fun of in 5th grade for being fat and the when i got to jr high i was just doomed. That was where i started learning about healthy eating but as we all know, LOOSING weight is alot harder than maintaining/preventing. Anyway.. just thought id throw this out there, i can not stand how gorgeous your daughter is! and she needs to stop ;)

Melanie said...

Swoon... Ellie's big blues are just stunning! You are such a good mama. Growing up my mom really never cooked for us, & let us eat fast food all the time. I love my mom, but I know how it is not to have a mom to cook good healthy food for you. On the plus side, I always try to make healthy, but still yummy foods for my boys. It is super hard though, Daddy does NOT like any type of veggies, besides corn or carrots! Such a weirdo, right?! So am doing everything I can ensure Jaxy will like ALL foods. I always try to go for suger free snacks if possible. Those infamous popsicles... suger free & awesome!!

So glad to hear from you my friend! Have a lovely weekend w/ your adorable lil fam!! (please try to like take a bubble bath or just some you time mama) Hey my "me time" was PB&J, Merlot, & the Bachelor Pad. GOODTIMES were had!

P! said...

Oh my gosh! Baby Blue Eyes to the extreme! She's beautiful! Absolutely amazing pics. And my hat is off to you for being so responsible with what you feed her- I'd like to think I could be that smart. Have a wonderful weekend!

Amy said...

Kyna-That melted my hear!! Cuteness overload, I swear!!!

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