Wednesday, November 23, 2011

- be thankful -

I am so thankful this year for so many things...some big, and some small and petty, but all things that make me smile.

I am thankful for:

- a wonderful family and a very loving hubby -
- a daughter that brings me so much joy and happiness -
- a roof over my head -
- a job that I don't despise...hey, I even kind of like it most days! -
- a very nice car that gets me everywhere I need to go -
- the amazing friends that I have in my life -
- my physical and mental health -
- the wonderful vacations that I have been able to take -
- my camera and the joy that photography brings me -
- my warm, comfortable bed that I get to sleep in every night -
- the beautiful city that I live in - 
- my closet-ful of very nice clothes, and shoes, and bags (oh how I love online shopping) -
- the delicious food that is on my table every day -
- my education -
- the trials and tribulations that have shaped me into who I am today (okay, okay, there are some that I could have done without) -
- wine...good wine -
- music and the happiness it brings me -
- laughing and all of the good memories I have made while laughing -
- blogging and the world that has been opened up to me through my blog -
- random acts of kindness that have been sent my way -
- the grace and forgiveness that I have been given in my life -

~ Happy Thanksgiving  ~

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