Tuesday, November 29, 2011

- the joy of doing nothing -

Ahhh, the long Thanksgiving weekend was absolutely fabulous! I did absolutely nothing productive, and it was lovely! (I didn't even take my camera out all weekend, hence all of the "not so stunning" iPhone pictures in this post). Okay, okay, I did do a few things. I finally finished the play table that I was building and painting for Ellie ..her birthday gift slightly belated, oops...and BTW, spray painting, glazing and distressing is NOT as easy as everyone makes it sound...either that or I am really, really paint challenged! The latter is probably more true...sigh.And you may ask (as my darling husband did), why on earth was I bothering to glaze and distress a table that was just going to be used by my daughter as a play table?...okay, okay, I asked myself that too as I was in the middle of the project. But it was my first time painting a big piece of furniture, and I was so inspired by things other people have done, that I HAD to try out the glazing and distressing along with the basic painting!

The paint color looks sooooo much better in person, I promise!

Anyway, back to the rest of the weekend, where I did absolutely nothing...Thanksgiving was grand, as it always is. We ate the usual, and it was so yummy. We went to Matt's cousin's house which is an absolute playground for Ellie! There were a total of 5 kids under the age of four there, all of them boys except for Ellie (as usual...come to think of it, I don't think Ellie has ANY friends that are girls. Boys, boys, boys, everywhere!).

Friday I woke up not feeling so well, so after I forced myself to finish Ellie's play table, I climbed back into bed and did nothing the rest of the day. So, I guess I had an excuse right?? I was sick!

Saturday looked a lot like this...

That's right...I did absolutely nothing...I had a million things that I could have should have done, but I found the hours slipping away with nothing being accomplished. I'm not complaining, it was wonderful! Although in hind sight, I know I am going to be kicking myself for wasting the day away when I have tasks piling up this upcoming week! 

I did get off the couch long enough to go exploring outside with Ellie, since it was such a beautiful day! We found this little creature...totally not putting his camouflage skills to good use...survival of the fittest huh? Hey little bug, you were made to look like a leaf, not a window!

Sunday was filled with football watching with friends, and then we came home and pulled out all of the Christmas decorations! It was so much fun watching Ellie get excited about the tree this year. She is definitely more aware of what Christmas is and she is really starting to "get it". 

She insisted on being the one to put the star on the top of the tree...unfortunately, we have yet to find a star that will stay up on our skinny little fake tree, so we gave her a bow to put on top, and she was still pretty happy with it!

Putting the decorations on with her was actually quite amusing. She kept putting the ornaments on  the tree, and then running back over to take them off, play with them, and then put them back on somewhere totally different. We'll have to see how long our tree actually stays decorated this year!

Overall, we had a really good weekend, even though it was probably the most unproductive four days ever! But everyone needs those unproductive relaxing days every once in awhile right? (Just trying to make myself feel better! ha ha).


Carlie said...

Sometimes those unproductive days are the most perfect days! I like your tree!

La Mode by Marianne said...

Everyone needs those wonderful "doing nothing" days!!

And your daughter decorating the tree and moving around the ornaments is adorable!

Amy said...

Those are the good days! We had a day like that this weekend and it was great! ha, the tree thing cracks me up because I keep putting those damn ornaments back on!

Thanks for the well wishes! :) Excited and nervous!

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